Material Features that Allow Cutting-Edge Designs to Come to Life

By exploiting the special qualities of Corian® — translucency, vibrancy of colour, extraordinary thermoformability — creative innovators are coming up with ever more exciting ideas for incorporating this versatile material in today's cutting-edge designs.

Bright, bold, saturated solids, subtle whites and neutrals, pastels, earthy hues, blacks and moody darks, custom colours based on samples you provide — with Corian® your palette is whatever you want it to be. And many of the colours of Corian® are available with stunning effects: veining, translucency or various degrees of graining.

The Ultimate Design Material

Colours without limits

As desirable in interior design as they are in the natural world, undulating curves create dramatic, sensual style. They can soften an intimidating environment, or simply provide an ergonomically safe space. Flexible when heated, Corian® can be formed into many shapes, or worked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges. This gives designers the freedom to create innovative solutions for almost any design scenario.

Every design is different, and every designer is different. For some, the beauty of DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is the variety of colours — from dark colours to the pale and translucent. Others would never consider Corian® in anything other than white. Whatever your colour preferences, you’ll find them in DuPont™ Corian

Corian® Features & Benefits

With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, DuPont Corian® will make all of your home design aspirations come true. Achieve your dreams while still selecting a quality product that will stand up to whatever your life may throw at it. You can rest easy knowing you’ve picked a worksurface to last a lifetime!


Fine, elegant particles melting into versatile and contemporary hues: the soul and the fabric of multicultural Metropolis.

Sparkling White (2)

White Jasmine (2)

Raffia (2)

Neutral Concrete (3)

Warm Gray (2)

Ash Concrete (3)

Weathered Concrete (3)

Silverite (3)

Sienna Brown (2)

Carbon Concrete (3)

Anthracite (3)

Urban Freedom

Fun, passion, pleasure: the bold and vivid hues of Urban Freedom.

Sand (2)

Seagrass (1)

Grape Green (2)

Blooming Green (3)

Diamond Blue (2)

Imperial Yellow (2)

Citrus Orange (2)

Hot (2)

Royal Red (2)

Boreal Lights

Soft shades come alive and disclose the ephemeral beauty of Boreal Lights.

Glacier Ice (1)

Venaro White (2)

White Onyx (4)

Arctic Ice (4)

Lime Ice (1)

Mint Ice (2)

Grey Onyx (4)

Country Paths

Colours fading in the harmonious natural mélange of Country Paths.

Everest (3)

Linen (2)

Abalone (3)

Aurora (2)

Dusk (2)

Eclipse (2)

Sandstone (2)

Matterhorn (3)

Aqua (2)

Dove (2)

Silt (2)

Greylite (4)

Canyon (3)

Midnight (2)

Shale (2)

Mountain Rocks

Surfaces reflecting the timeless majesty of Mountain Rocks.

Antarctica (4)

Whitecap (4)

Silver Birch (4)

Savannah (4)

Sahara (4)

Fossil (4)

Beige Fieldstone (4)

Willow (3)

Platinum (4)

Mineral (4)

Cocoa Brown (4)

Gravel (4)

City Life

Smart and dynamic, calm and relaxing: plain colours interpreting City Life.

Designer White (1)

Glacier White (0)

Cameo White (1)

Light Ash (1)

Vanilla (1)

Bisque (1)

Bone (1)

Pearl Gray (1)

Elegant Gray (1)

Clay (2)

Silver Gray (1)

Athena Gray (1)

Earth Heritage

Primordial layers, wild landscapes, plants and roots appearing to emerge through the surface: Earth Heritage, the most powerful of patterns.

Nimbus Prima (4)

Arrowroot (4)

Limestone Prima (4)

Dune Prima (4)

Witch Hazel (4)

Clam Shell (4)

Ecru (4)

Rain Cloud (4)

Tumbleweed (4)

Burled Beach (4)

Sagebrush (4)

Sandalwood (4)

Hazelnut (4)

Aztec Gold (4)

Juniper (4)

Cocoa Prima (4)

Rosemary (4)

Sonora (4)

Evening Prima (4)

Lava Rock (4)

Sorrel (4)

Cosmo Prima (4)

Night Time

The mysterious beauty of dark tones emerging from the depth of Night Time.

Deep Cloud (2)

Deep Sable (2)

Deep Bedrock (3)

Deep Mink (2)

Deep Espresso (2)

Deep Titanium (2)

Deep Caviar (2)

Deep Storm (3)

Deep Night Sky (3)

Deep Black Quartz (3)

Deep Anthracite (3)

Deep Nocturne (2)

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